Tell your story with video

You’re gonna be a star! If still photographs are fantastic, then get ready for video.

Let your story truly shine through. Your words, your images, your story. You’re in the leading role. Let’s share the story you want told! As an empathetic director, I create a comfortable, relaxed interview that leads to a stellar video. My expert questions will put your narrative on display. Bringing my curiosity and creativity to every project, I’m here to help you discover and capture your story with authenticity and excitement. A video story is the perfect way to share your unique message with the world.

Production Process


Let’s get the ideas flowing and the calendar set for creation! We’ll make sure you're prepared with locations, talent, storyboards, fruitful interview questions, pre-interviews and any scheduling.



Preparing and executing all the cameras, lens, lighting and rig equipment needed for an alluring video shoot. This includes rental equipment (if necessary).


Preparing and executing all the tech and testing needed for flawless audio recording during the video shoot.

audio for video


Cutting video for the desired time length and formats for your various platforms. Each video edit focuses on the importance of the basis of riveting storytelling: a beginning, middle and end.

Color Correction

One of my favorite steps of the process that’s often overlooked! This is the art of fine tuning the visuals to match your story’s mood and purpose.


Production Options

One (wo)man crew

While being your full-package video storyteller, I’ll smoothly fill each of the roles for your video shoot. I offer my clients efficiency and productive communication during a friendly professional production.

Full production

I love directing, and if your project requires a larger production you can trust me to put together the perfect crew to tell your story. Collaborative and full of creativity, a great team will execute your needs effortlessly.


Either! My forte is to work as a one-(wo)man crew and would love to offer a la carte video services as needed.

Yes, I love to travel! My work takes me everywhere and I’m happy to discover new places that offer perfect locations to fit the purpose of your video.

You can get the most out of your video project by being open to the creative process. As a fearless and compassionate director, my video stories are based on curiosity and listening: we find, hear, and tell your raw narrative together. The more you trust your own voice, the more rewarding the project will be.

I offer a three week turnaround time to receive your video edit, but this can change with a larger project scope. The editing process includes 2 rounds of revisions.

During a shoot, I collaborate with each client in a location of your choosing and I’m happy to help with the scouting process in advance.

Vimeo, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, blogs, and websites often need specialized formatting. All final video deliverables can be available in appropriate sizes and highest quality for the various platforms needed.

I can't wait to hear your story.